Blondie touring with Parallel Lines

They’ve just announced that Blondie will be going on tour in July, playing their most famous – and best – album “Parallel Lines”.

I’m sick and annoyed that, right now, I can’t even consider buying (undoubtedly pricey) tickets.

“Parallel Lines” was the first Proper Album I ever owned (I mean: I’m not counting children’s albums – nursery rhymes, Wally Whyton, Jon Pertwee, Play Away and the like). I got it for my 12th birthday.

And yet, I haven’t got tired of it. There’s plenty of horrible dated eighties records I have that really do nothing for me now. But Parallel Lines stands up well against the likes of The Killers and Kaiser Chiefs.

It suits my tastes perfectly: new wave/post punk guitars, dynamic stops and starts, organs and synths… The dead pan vocals. But essentially great songs.

I was too young to go and see Blondie the first time around and I’m probably too old this time.

Here’s a bit of trivia, though. In Blondie’s heydey, the band was together for 5 years. Since they reformed for a comeback, they’ve been together just over 10!

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