Gillian Duffy and politicians not paying attention

So… Brown makes a painful gaffe – well, it’s injected some interest into politics – this would make a fab episode of The Thick Of It, if it didn’t seem too far fetched!

I hated his patronising attitude (that stuff about her job) but this is what politicians are pushed into. And his answer was actually very good on the issue of a million immigrants from Europe: he said a million British people were living in the rest of Europe, that this is just how people can move about.

And Gillian Duffy? Well, we’re not allowed to criticise her now. Even quite intelligent commentators are talking about the important issues she raised/questions she asked. She didn’t. Read the transcript. There was no actual question about immigration. In fact what she said was “all these eastern European what are coming in, where are they flocking from?” Er… Eastern Europe? (She’s going to make an est. £250,000 if she agrees to interviews, and is now a part of British political history. A footnote, perhaps, but famous forever.)

He’s clearly been told to keep smiling – but this looked creepy during his apology on her doorstep.

And everyone has said something they’d be ashamed to have overheard. So it seems there’s some sympathy towards him.

[Am I the only one that suspects the whole Gillian Duffy thing was a set up by Labour PR? A fall and a public apology, the human side of Brown? It's all too perfect... (Duffy's careful use of agenda, her scruplulously perfect background...) ...yeah, maybe not...]

gordon-brown-sleeping-6-17-081He has gone away with an impression that she was berating him from a xenophobic point of view, which wasn’t truly the case. But it was an impression. He wasn’t listening. Here’s what that tells us: he’s not paying attention.

And this is what worries me – politicians not paying attention.

The spin is that Brown was out “meeting real people” but the truth is that he’s not meeting, he’s only shaking hands for a photo opportunity. Pathetic.

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  1. keith Says:

    Kelvin Mackenzie had peculiar view – that if 83% of the country held bigotted views then those couldn’t be bigots!

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