Some like it hot; not me

weathersymbolbbcI get laughed at for saying I don’t like hot weather. After all, don’t people pay a fortune to go and sit on sunny beaches far away each year?

And what we associate with hot weather (being on holiday, nothing to do, dressed sensibly, able to sleep whenever we want, air conditioned hotels) doesn’t match the reality of our day-to-day life.

So now that we’ve got horrible hot weather here, everyone complains. “It’s too hot”, “It’s stuffy, close, …uncomfortable!”

And I agree. I’d much prefer some coolness and some rain. See, we’re not really set up for dealing with the heat in Britain. The London tube is like the depths of Hell (temp >40 degrees); we don’t have shutters or siestas… We just battle on as if it was cold weather.

2 Responses to “Some like it hot; not me”

  1. Jules Says:

    Well, it’s starting to hint at the autumn season and I always see that as coming warmth (wrapping up in woollens, putting the fires on, tea and books in the afternoon) and full of promise of new starts (new school notebooks and pens, new warm clothes and projects to make). I love that time of year and actually although I like going somewhere hot I’m not sure I would want to live somewhere very hot all the time – insects are a pain for one thing, and not being able to wear nice wooly jumpers! So … lets just stay in Scotland eh?

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